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Email Administrators


Modern Retail is happy to give you control over the configuration of your email accounts and aliases.  Simply create a Support Request and we'll send you login information to manage your store's emails.  There is no charge to give someone at your store Email Administrator access.

Email Administrator Control Panel

Once you have been giving access, you can login to the Email Administrator Control Panel:

You will find just a few options once you login.  The most common tasks include:

  1. Mailboxes - Allows you to add and delete mailboxes for your store.
  2. Aliases - Allows you to add and delete email aliases for your store.  Please do not delete any of the aliases Modern Retail created for your store.  Doing so could cause you not to receive order confirmation or messages from your customers.
  3. Blacklists & Safelists - Allows you add domains and email addresses to be blocked or added to a list so they don't get inadvertently blocked.

Terms & Conditions

Having access to the email accounts for your domain gives you a lot of power; however, it also comes with a lot of responsibility because you could easily stop the flow of email coming from your website and customers.  You must agree to the following terms when managing your own email accounts and aliases:

  1. You must have a knowledgeable resource with a good understanding of email systems.  They also must know enough about email to self-train themselves on Rackspace's email administration tools.
  2. Some email accounts and aliases are used to keep the website in proper working order.  Deleting or incorrectly editing these account could cause adverse effects to your website.
  3. Deleting email accounts will delete all email within that account.  And while mailboxes can be restored, they will only include email from the last backup which is usually the night before.
  4. Modern Retail can fix incorrect configurations at our normal billing rate.

Please submit a Support Request if you would like administrative control over the email accounts for your store.  Note, while access can be given to anyone, it can only be requested by Account Owners.