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Gemsoft Treasure WooCommerce Integration


Hello, I have a client that is using a POS called Gemsoft Treasure for their jewelry store. They have 5 different locations that are all tied in together using this same software. Is it possible for you to do an integration between WooCommerce and Gemsoft so that when you add new products to the POS, update stock, pricing etc..


Thank you for contacting Modern Retail. We would love to help you and your customer get Gemsoft Treasure integrated with WooCommerce.  I took a look at their website can couldn’t find too much information on how to export/import information into Gemsoft (I looked for their API specs but I suspect they don’t have one).  That’s ok because we have ways of passing data back and forth via FTP if necessary.  Please read:

Method #1 - Modern Retail's Integration API

Method #2 - Modern Retail's Inventory CSV / XML Uploader

I suspect we’ll need to use the second method, which works great as well.

Would you mind asking your customer to send an email to Gemsoft to set up a call with them?  If you copy me on the message I’ll step in and take it from there (keeping you included of course).  The goal of the meeting is to discuss what kind of integration would be better for Gemsoft (we even have variations on the above two methods).

Please let me know if you’d like to have a discussion prior to this call.  Thank you.