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Touch Retail WooCommerce Integration


We currently have a client who is looking to hook up WooCommerce to her POS system with Touch Retail.

Since they are keen to stick with their current POS provider, and Touch Retail does not currently have an out-of-the-box WooCommerce connector, we will need to explore their comprehensive API options that they have suggested we use to connect the online store and POS system.

I can provide you with the full API documentation provided by Touch Retail, and they can provide us with anything we need to develop the connection. I should imagine this is an easy job for you guys!



We would love to work with you to get Touch Retail integrated with your WooCommerce website.  Yes, given that Modern Retail has our own API, getting Touch Retail's API to "talk" to our API shouldn't be too much of a problem!

Here's our documentation on Modern Retail's API in case you are interested:

Please go ahead and send us Touch Retail's API, and we will get our engineers to take a look at it for you.  Thank you.