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Retail Pro 8 Shopify Integration


I would like to know if you have the capabilities to integrate Retail Pro version 8 to Shopify? If so, I would like to know more about your integration and how it works.



Yes, we have what we call a "one-way integration" between Retail Pro 8 and Shopify.  Meaning, products are sent up to Shopify from Retail Pro, but completed Orders and Customers and not sent down to Retail Pro.  While we plan on having a complete "two-way integration" in the future with Shopify, it is not available today.  I'm sorry.

Today our integration works by using a report from Retail Pro 8 called ON HAND: By Item report to update the inventory on your website.  This report is easy enough to create, and you can read more about it here:

As you can see, this report is very simple to create and uploading it to our Store Manager portal is just as easy, but it is a manual process today.

If you're interested in this integration, you can purchase it online or you can contact us for more information.  Thank you.