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AcctVantage ERP WooCommerce Integration


We have a potential client that we want to move from Magento to WooCommerce for ease of use. They use AcctVantage as their ERP system and I'm trying to see if you guys can integrate WooCommerce with it.  Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


We do not have an integration with AcctVantage today but we’d love to have one.  You have a few options here.

OPTION #1 - Modern Retail's Inventory CSV / XML Uploader

This option is pretty easy, especially if all you need is a “one-way integration”.  We can also use this method to create a “two-way integration”, which can be completely automated.  Please read:

OPTION #2 - Modern Retail's Integration API

We would probably need to work with AcctVantage directly to perform this automated “two-way integration” using our API.  Alternatively, if you knew AcctVantage we’d be happy to work with you as well.  Using our API we would completely automate the integration between AcctVantage and WooCommerce.  Please read:

Finally, we’d be happy to speak with AcctVantage on your behalf.  Simply ask you client to send their representative an email letting them know they would like to get AcctVantage integrated with WooCommerce.  If you copy me on the message I’d be happy to talk with them to see what’s possible.

Please let me know if either of these options will work for you.  Of course I’d be happy to jump on call to discuss it as well.  Thank you.