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Soft1 Cloud ERP WooCommerce Integration


We are interested in your services and products. We use Soft1 ERP and would like to get it integrated with WooCommerce.  Could you help us integrate with WooCommerce?


Yes, we can help for sure.  I took a look at the SoftOne website, using Google Translator, and they look to have an impressive cloud-based ERP solution.  Given SoftOne is a cloud-based solution I’m thinking they most likely have an application programming interface (API) available.  If they do it wouldn’t be too difficult to connect their API to our API so we can get your WooCommerce website integrated with Soft1 Cloud ERP.  Please read:

Modern Retail's Integration API

Here’s what I recommend. Could you please email your representative at SoftOne to let them know you’re interested in getting their software integrated with WooCommerce?  If you copy me on the messages I’ll follow up with SoftOne and get our engineers talking to figure out the best way of getting our two systems integrated.

Please let me know if you have any more questions, I’d be happy to jump on call with you.  Thank you.