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Redbeam Inventory Tracking Shopify Integration


Hi there, I'm just wondering if you are able to integrate with Redbeam Inventory Tracking systems with Shopify?


I took a quick look at the Redbeam website but couldn’t find any mention of what’s called an application programming interface (API) or any import/export capabilities.  My guess is we need to use an "Inventory Report" from Redbeam to do you integration.  Please read:

Modern Retail's CSV / XML Updater

I might also suggest that you send your representative at Redbeam an email letting them know you’re interested in getting their software integrated with your website. If you copy me on the email I’ll jump in and help (keeping you included of course).  We’ll set up a meeting with them where our engineers will sit down with their engineers to figure out the best type of integration for Redbeam.  We have many different way we could integrate our two systems and the only way to know what will work best is to talk with them.  FYI, we also have a really fancy API they could use:

Modern Retail's Integration API

Of course if you wanted to jump on a call we can do that as well to discuss this in advance to talking with Redbeam.  Thanks.