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Excluding an IP Address from Google Analytics


How do I exclude our office computer (IP Address) from Google Analytics?



Clients can exclude a single IP Address (Computer) or multiple IP Addresses as needed.  Taking this action keeps site traffic from your staff out of Google Analytics.  Follow the steps below to exclude an IP address from your Analytics Profile.

  1. Log into Google Analytics, then go to the Admin area.  (The link is at the top of the page.)
  2. In the third panel, called View select Filters.
  3. Select New Filter.
  4. On the next screen, fill in the fields.
      • Select Create New Filter.
      • Filter Name: This can be whatever you'd like and should describe the filter.  "Exclude" is a good filter name.
      • Filter Type: Select "Pre-Defined".
      • The first drop down should be set to "Exclude".
      • The second drop down should be set to "traffic from IP addresses".
      • The third drop down should be set to "that are equal to".
      • IP Address:  This is the numerical address of your computer.  There are a ton of websites that will look up and give you your IP address.  One example is:
      • Save.

If you have multiple IP addresses you'd like to exclude, set a filter for each one.  Simply repeat the steps above.



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    Susan Jones

    Thanks Kelly! You've made this task super simple!