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MailChimp's Ecommerce360


Have you guys integrated the MailChimp "Ecommerce360" for anyone?  It looks pretty cool.

It can track purchases by customers from your email campaigns all within MailChimp. It would be pretty great to start segmenting our list by what the customer purchased.


We have implemented MailChimp's Ecommerce360 in Magento using the following extension:

However, we have not implemented MailChimp's Ecommerce360 feature in WordPress E-Commerce before.

Looking at MailChimp's documentation this doesn't seem too bad.  Here are the steps needed to get it implemented on your website:

  1. Turn on Ecommerce360 Link Tracking in MailChimp

  2. Website Stores mc_cid and mc_eid

    The website will need to be updated to store the following two fields for MailChimp:

    mc_cid - this is the campaign's unique_id
    mc_eid - this is the member email's unique_id

    MailChimp Recommendation: You need to be able to capture that data from any link pointed at it and then hold onto that data. Our recommendation has generally been to store them in a cookie that stays around for, say, up to 30 days or whatever time frame you want - this could even be a configuration option if you're building a general purpose plugin.

  3. Send Data to MailChimp in Checkout
    Checkout needs to be modified to send mc_cidmc_eid and all relevant Order Data to MailChimp using their campaignEcommOrderAdd method.

That's it!

Additional Resources

Please submit a Support Request if you'd like MailChimp's Ecommerce360 implemented on your website.