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StumbleUpon for Retailers


Can you please explain StumbleUpon and how it could be used for my store?


StumbleUpon helps you discover new and interesting stuff on the web.  After you create an account with StumpleUpon you can click on pages that you like or dislike on the web, that you "stumble upon".  These likes and dislikes are a rating system much like Netflix's video rating system and over time StumbleUpon learns what you like and don't like on the web.  Just like Netflix, StumbleUpon will then start recommending content web pages, videos and images that it thinks you might like - automatically.

Here's a short YouTube video explaining StumbleUpon:

As retailers you can sign up for StumbleUpon and like things you find interesting in your website such as new products, an interesting blog articles that you wrote, a YouTube video you created, etc.  If you are thoughtful in how you do this and don't "spam" StumbleUpon with a lot of useless or meaningless pages, you will find that over time StumbleUpon will send more traffic your way.

To get started sign up for StumbleUpon and start liking pages in your website such as new or featured products.  As you like pages you can enter in a description of the page and even select StumbleUpon categories and tags to help others find your pages.

As you work with StumbleUpon check your Google Analytics to see how much traffic is coming your way, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Date Created: 01/11/14