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Adobe Dynamic Tag Management


I read about a new feature from Adobe called Dynamic Tag Management.  What is it and how can it help me?  You can read more about Adobe Dynamic Tag Management here:


Adobe Dynamic Tag Management is very similar to Google Tag Manager:

The general concept behind tag management is it allows you to configure and manage all your tags, remarketing codes and conversion codes in one spot.  This can be immensely helpful because it frees you up from having to touch your website's code every time you want to add or delete a new tag.  Once you've added the "main" Google or Adobe code into your website, you can manage all future tags directly within the respective Tag Manager.  Managing tags becomes so much easier that you can most likely allow people in your marketing department to add tags, instead of developers. This fees up resources and of course empowers your marketing department.

Google Tag Manager is something we already do for our clients and we recommend sticking with Google given we haven't seen a compelling reason to switch over to Adobe. 

Please let us know if you have any more questions about Tag Management.

Date Created:  03/10/14

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