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Online Success Litmus Test

Modern Retail partners with our clients to help them improve their online business, operations and marketing.  One of the biggest areas of contention we face is usually around the use of free email services like Gmail and AOL.  Sometimes we just can't get our clients off of these services and onto a store-branded email account.  We even give you 10 free mailboxes so you'll have no excuses to hang onto Gmail. 

Email is FREE Marketing

If you're a business owner let's face it, everything is business.  It makes no sense to use one address for work and another one for home, unless of course you use it strictly for say shopping.  Time and time again people become clients because of some personal interaction I've had with them or a friend of a friend.  Yes, being social, social media, contributing to your community all play a big role, but so does your email account. 

The following blog article is a real-life experience of how someone became a Modern Retail client by finding out what I did from my email signature:

When you combine your store's email address with a signature, you have built-in marketing that's absolutely free!

Love Gmail?
If you're absolutely addicted to Gmail, that's fine. You can still use your email to leverage your store brand. We can help you set it up so Gmail is using your store-branded web address ( instead of

Litmus Test

Try as we might, sometimes we just can't get people to stop using @Gmail and @AOL accounts. Considering the marketing benefits, the professionalism that a store-branded email provides, and the fact that we give you 10 free mailboxes, why wouldn't you have your email tied to your domain name? Unfortunately, sometimes this can be a litmus test on how well a retailer will succeed online.