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Marketing Destinations & Companies

Modern Retail has worked with a variety of marketplaces, marketing companies and online destinations over the years.  Below are just a few of these companies we've worked with and how you might use them to improve your online sales.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is arguably still the best online marketing that's available to you and your store.  While Modern Retail has their own email marketing tool available to you free of charge, sometimes you need a more powerful and dedicated email service.  Modern Retail has worked with a lot of 3rd party email marketing companies including:  MailChimp, ExactTarget, Constant Contact and VerticalResponse.

If you need help getting people to sign up to your mailing list, you might consider using a 3rd party service like PadiAct.  PadiAct will help you target when and where the email signup form on your website is displayed to the visitor.

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Marketplace are websites that help you sell your products. In return for selling your products, these marketplaces generally make a commission on what gets sold from their website.  Store Manager has built-in feeds to all of these marketplaces.  For our Magento stores, Modern Retail will install and configure a 3rd party extension.

Marketplace Aggregators

The companies below can send your product catalog to Marketplaces such as those listed above and possibly many more.  In addition to the fees from the various Marketplaces, these aggregators also charge a fee.


Retargeting companies help you convert the traffic that's been to your website by displaying ads on your visitor's favorite websites.  These ads entice visitors to come back to your website to hopefully make a purchase.

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Social Media and Social Commerce is still exploding and we're just starting to scratch the surface of what's possible.  We love everything social and can help you take advantage of the many wonderful things it can do for you.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing allows you to reward people for driving traffic and sales on your website. This could be your favorite blogger or someone selling your goods on their website.

Please ask us how you can use these websites and marketing companies to improve you online sales.