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Email Hosting Overview


As a Modern Retail customer we can help you get personalized email accounts configured for your business.  We can also offer you two different types of mailboxes:

  1. Rackspace Email
  2. Microsoft Exchange

Which type account you select is dependent upon your needs, although most retailers find the default Rackspace Email perfectly fits their needs.

Rackspace Email

As a Modern Retail client, we will configure up to 10 email accounts for your store and an unlimited number of email aliases.  Modern Retail has used Rackspace Email for years and have found the service to be spectacular!

Rackspace email is extremely reliable, very easy to use, and come with 25 GB of mailbox space - which is truly a ridiculous amount of space for your email.

Below is a link where you can read more about the key features of Rackspace Email:

I believe you'll find the core features will meet the needs of most retailers. However, when they don't we have another option for you and that's Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is great for those people who need enterprise-level email for their employees.  The real-time synchronization between Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices such as iPhones is wonderful and arguably the most compelling feature of Microsoft Exchange.

Below is a link to Rackspace's website with a full description of the features of Exchange:

If you like using Microsoft Outlook to answer and reply to email, then Exchange is probably for you!

Hybrid Solution

What's nice about Rackspace Email and Exchange is that they can be used together!  This gives you the ability to provide Exchange accounts to only those people who need it, while everyone else gets the very capable Rackspace Email accounts.  Rackspace Email and Exchange work together in harmony, allowing you to see Rackspace email accounts next to your Exchange accounts in Microsoft Outlook.

Mobile Sync for Webmail

Rackspace Mobile Sync is an add-on to Rackspace Email that allows you to synchronize your Contacts and Calendar items between Rackspace Webmail and mobile devices such as iPhone and Android devices.  Mobile Sync is great because it gives you the all-so-useful feature of being able to synchronize your calendar and contact with your mobile devices.  With Mobile Sync you get the most important features or Microsoft Exchange, without the added expense.

Mobile Sync is most useful if you're an avid Webmail user and don't use Microsoft Outlook.  However, if you love Outlook and want to synchronize your contacts and calender items with your mobile phone, then you're better off getting a Microsoft Exchange email account.  There's nothing better than Exchange to synchronize email, contact and calendar items with Outlook.

Still Unsure?

Are you still unsure?  Please read the following help page:

Please don't hesitate to submit a Support Request if you still have questions. Thank you.