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Google Product Listing Ads

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Google Products is known by many names.  When it was first created it was called Froogle and was later changed to Google Shopping.  Up until May 2012 it was absolutely free to merchants.



One of the things that needs to be configured in Google Merchant Center is the tax and shipping preferences for a store.














The Google Products feed specification consists of the following attributes:

  • id
    • An ID that uniquely identifies the Simple Product in Google.
  • item_group_id
    • This is the ID associated with the Configurable Product.  Magento doesn't inherently have this concept but Modern Retail has developed an extension to add this Group ID, or what we call a Product-Level identifier, to Magento
  • title
    • Name of the product in Magento.
  • link
    • The link to this product in your website.
  • description
    • The description of the product in Magento.
  • image_link
    • This is the main image link for this product on your website.
  • additional_image_link
    • Additional or alternate images for your product.
  • price
    • This is the current price of the project.  Note, this is either the "retail price" or "sale price".
  • size
    • Size if the product has a size.
  • color
    • Color if the product has a color.
  • weight
    • The weight of the product.
  • brand
    • The name of the brand or designer.
  • condition
    • Set in the feed to "New".
  • upc
    • Is the UPC code of the product.
  • quantity
    • How many quantity or QOH for the product.
  • product_type
    • This is the Category from Magento.
  • google_product_category
    • These are defined by Google and must be assigned to the Departments in your site.
      • The Google Categories need to cut and pasted into the Wyomind Extension in Magento.
  • payment_accepted
    • This is set in the feed and includes the payments types accepted.
  • gender
    • Set in Store Manager or the Wyomind Extension in Magento.
  • age_group
    • Set in Store Manager or the Wyomind Extension in Magento.
  • tax
    • Rates for the states where you need to collect Sales Tax.
  • availability
    • Set in the feed to "In Stock".
  • mpn
    • Manufacturer Part Number.

AdWords Attributes

In addition to the above fields, you can add three additional fields to the Google Products feed for Google AdWords:

  1. adwords_grouping
  2. adwords_labels
  3. adwords_redirect

Below is a screen shot explaining these AdWords Attributes from Google's Specification


These values are useful because they allow a store to add product targets based on these variables in their Product Listing Ads.



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