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I have a question for you about Facebook that perhaps you or one of your associates there could give me some feed. As you may be aware, we have a Facebook page for our company. We would now like to set up individual Facebook pages for each of our stores. Ideally we would link these new individual Facebook Store pages as well as our primary Facebook page and to our new e-commerce site as well. Do you have any input or suggestions as to the best way to set up these new individual Facebook store pages (taking into consideration SEO and functionality etc?)


I think it is really ambitious to have a Facebook page for every store. While I don’t think it is a bad idea, updating all that content takes time (and money) and I would rather see you do one Facebook site really, really well before starting another one. Also, remember that all that content should be in your website first and then added to Facebook. In fact it’s good to only have a short synopsis in Facebook and have all your Facebook pages link back to your website!

When you stick content in Facebook, Facebook “owns” that content! They will also make money off of this content and will get “credit” for that content with the search engines! That’s why it is extremely important to put all your content in your website first and Facebook, or any other social media, second.

You might find this blog article on this same topic interesting:

I would recommend starting with just one Facebook site for your main store and add more as you become comfortable with blogging and posting on Facebook.  Starting off with multiple Facebook sites, as well as, getting your new website up and running, might prove to be too much to handle right now.  We very much like our clients to tackle marketing in "chunks" so they don't take on too many at any one time (we rather have you do a couple of things really well than a dozen things poorly).


Date Created: 10/22/13