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Do you have any experience with PunchTab (a loyalty program that rewards users for things like tweeting, facebooking, etc...)?



It seems to be a very 'simple' plugin for WordPress, but I don't know much more about it yet. Figured I'd reach out for your opinion.


We don't have any clients using PunchTab today. However, this looks a lot like something we've implemented for some of our clients, frienefit.


Basically, frienefit is a similar concept where the consumer can accumulate points and earn rewards by visiting your website.

Here is an example of the frienefit rewards system:

  •  Customer clicks on the Rewards tab on your site.


  • Allowing them to login, accumulate points and earn rewards.


The implementation of these programs are generally pretty easy because all we need to do is add some JavaScript to every page in your site or install a plugin.  It might also need some code in Checkout to track conversions.  Usually all of this can be done in just a couple of hours.

The question is will something like this benefit your store?  We don't have any hard facts on performance, but would be happy to take a test drive with you and look at the results together.


Date Created: 09/13/13