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Google Webmaster Tool & Merchant Center


Are all our Google accounts included under the you gave us when you set up our website?  I can't seem to find the Webmaster Tools and Merchant Center Accounts.  Can you send those accounts to me?


You are correct both the following two accounts were not set to when we configured your account:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools - Webmaster Tools allows you to update the settings specific to Google such as sitemaps, sitelinks, etc. and allows you to monitor the health of your website and traffic.  This is not Google Analytics and is generally used by "power-users".
  2. Google Merchant Center - Merchant Center is the tool Modern Retail uses to submit and manage your Google Products feed. However this will most likely change this fall when Google incorporate Google Products into AdWords and starts charging stores for those listings.

Modern Retail generally only gives access to these accounts to "power-users" or companies that are helping you with your website.  However, we're happy to provide you access to these accounts if you have the resources to manage them correctly.

To gain access to these accounts, Modern Retail needs your Google Account.  For most people this is their Gmail email address, although it is possible to tie a personal email address to a Google Account.  Simple give us this email address and we'll setup these accounts so you have access.  Thank you.




Date Created:  07/19/12