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The Settings in Shopify offer management of key areas of the site:

  • General
  • Payment Providers
  • Checkout
  • Shipping
  • Taxes
  • Gift Cards
  • Notifications
  • Files
  • Sales Channels
  • Account
  • Billing

This help page will give you a brief overview of each area.


This section allows you to set your Store Details, the Store Address and establish Standards & Formats

Payment Providers

This area allows you to set up and accept Payments.  Paypal is "built in" to Shopify as is Shopify's payment gateway, Amazon Pay and a multitude of other payment providers.  You also determine Payment authorization in this section.


Customization of checkout happens here.  This section also allows you to:

  • Configure Customer Accounts (guest checkout vs required accounts.)
  • Customer Contact Method.
  • Form Options.  This is for checkout and allows you to determine what fields are required in checkout.
  • Order Processing Settings
  • Checkout Language
  • Refund, Privacy and  Terms of Service Statements


Shipping is configured in this area, including origin, methods and rates.


Your store's tax rate & settings are configured here.

Gift Cards

 Configuration of gift card settings happens in this area.


This area of settings allows you to configure all the notifications that help the site function; including order notifications, shipment notices etc.


This section holds all the image files for your homepage and other content related areas of the site.  It does not hold blog or product images.

Sales Channels

Create and configure additional sales channels here.


Add or remove users here as well as review your account.


Manage the payment method and invoices and fees for your Shopify store here.