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Breakdown of B2C Ecommerce - 2017

We recently attended a Bigcommerce townhall meeting where they presented the following chart about B2C what's really driving sales.


Here are the channel driving sales, by the numbers if you will:

  1. Amazon - Is reported of driving 36% of all marketplace sales.  Please look carefully that's 45% of the overall sales.
  2. ebay - Is driving 8% of all marketplace sales.
  3. Organic Search - They report 22% of the people get to your website by simply searching for what they want in Google, Bing, etc.  This goes to show you how important Content Marketing and SEO can be to your business.
  4. Google Shopping & Facebook PLA - Have a combined percentage of 20%.  I would be very interest in knowing how Google Shopping stacks up against Facebook PLA.
  5. Email Marketing - Email marketing is still holding strong at 20% of the overall says.  For the money this is still one of your best return on investments.
  6. Direct to Website - Please who remember your website address or have it saved that place an order accounts for 19% of orders.
  7. Social - Accounts for only 2% but has no where but up to go especially with selling on Instagram coming!

Just thought I'd share this with you.