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Customers with Multiple Email Addresses


Occasionally you may run into customers who have multiple email addresses attached to their Eagle account. You may worry that this will stop the account from linking correctly, or that this may otherwise impact the customer. Worry not! Modern Retail's Epicor Eagle integration can handle it! In this article we'll discuss how exactly our integrator handles this when it crops up.

Multiple Email Addresses

Modern Retail's integrations work with something called an "identity system", sometimes known as "customer identity". This means that every customer has an individual identity in our system, which helps you keep track of your customers for a variety of purposes. Now, sometimes customers may have multiple email addresses; maybe one is a personal address and another is for business, a customer changed their name, or any number of other reasons. Because customer identity relies on data like email addresses and phone numbers to match customer data with individual customers, you might worry that a 2nd email address would throw the system for a loop; but it doesn't! 

When a customer has multiple email addresses attached to their Eagle account, each of those addresses gets added to the file recording customer identity, meaning the customer gets recorded multiple times with each address. This has absolutely no downside, and ensures that you have the correct data no matter what. 

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