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Adding New Locations in Epicor Eagle


If your business is expanding, you may need to add new location to your integration. Whether this is one of several stores, or your first time dipping your toes into inventory by location, this article will show you the ropes on how to add your new store to the system.

Before we proceed, please note that if you weren't already using one of our Pro Integration Plans (or Premium), you will have to upgrade in order to use inventory by location features.


Adding a New Location

To begin, you'll want to submit a support request to Modern Retail. You can do this directly from the Admin Panel, using the Support menu on the left hand side.


In this support request, you'll want to let us know that you want to add a new location, and you should include the address and any other relevant details about the new location. You will also have to contact Epicor professional services, and ask them to send us the inventory by location file. We will also need the legacy location ID for the location you'd like to add. Once that has been settled and the new location has been added to Epicor, we will need you to let us know the name of the new location in both Epicor Eagle and your ecommerce platform.

During this process, it's important to keep an eye on the support ticket(s) you've created, to ensure that you can provide us with any additional information we may need to configure the new location. This will help ensure that the new location is added quickly and without any difficulties. 

After all of that, the process should be complete and your new location will be configured!

If you'd like to add a new location to your integration, or if you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact us with a support request from the Admin Panel.