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2.7.38 - Improvements & Fixes

May 5, 2022


You may have noticed we jumped from version number 2.7.28 to 2.7.38.  This release represents nearly a dozen patches that have been applied to various clients over the last few months.  Different customers have received a pre-release of many of these features, and have been using them for weeks or months.  This 2.7.38 release brings all our clients up-to-date again with the same version.

Given the breadth of changes with this release, we're rolling it out in stages to approximately 80 clients per week for the next 4 weeks.  

Improvements & Fixes

  • modNewTrans() & modNewOrder()
      • All confirmed orders with errors contain "ERR" at beginning of the message.
      • Orders with payments and duplicate ticket bugs, are fixed.
      • Now catch zero line item qty and throws an exception.
      • Line items queried for tracking method.
      • If shipment mapping is disabled and SLSREP is enabled, check for customer Ship-via code. If code is not null, then use ship-via-cod.
  • DoProductAttribute()
      • Added IM_ITEM.CUBE to list of product attributes.
      • Increased logging detail when sending product attributes.
  • SetupSaveFile()
      • Loglevel bug fixed and loglevel default = 3.
  • modGFC() & modSC()
      • Giftcard number 0 bug fixed.
  • modTicketHistory()
      • Changed "SKIPPED: NO EMAIL ADDRESS" message logging level to debugging.
  • InventoryByLocation()
      • Inventory by location logging set to informational
  • ClearExpiredLockFiles()
      • New function added that check periodically for stale lock files.
  • modProductUpdate()
      • Inventory by location for alternate stocking unit, bug fix.
  • modService()
      • Item UTCDATE comparison added to determine is item has been updated.
  • clsLogging()
      • Added log LogLevel NOLOCALLOG. When LogLevel = 0 (NOLOCALLOG), the Integrator will not log to local application database table.
  • modSales()
      • Complete rewrite of Price Rules support with new MRCPI database tables "sales". New process only send newly discovered items on sale and when they change.
  • ItemUpdateControl()
      • Rewritten for efficiencies. Will be less demanding on SQL server.

As always, please submit a Support Request in the Admin Panel if you have any questions.  Thank you.