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Serialized Products


When you think about a product that has a serial number, you likely think of your home appliances like your stove or dishwasher. Guns are another obvious example of a serialized item. While these are good examples of serialized products, you may not realize that high-end items, like guitars are also serialized.
Musicians often pay thousands of dollars for guitars but are very particular about which guitar they are getting when shelling out that kind of cash. They want the one that is slightly darker in color or the wood grain that perfectly matches their style. These esoteric product properties may seem odd, but they are essential when selling these types of products.

AIM Support

Enabling Serialized Products in Tri-Tech's AIM point of sale system is easy.  Simply check the Sell Individual Serial#s via Active-e checkbox.


That's all it takes to create a Serialized Product on your website!  You'll notice when the product gets created in BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, it will include variants for every serial number.  Customers typically upload unique images for each product variant, which is for that particular serial number.

SKU Format

Serialized Products work by creating a unique ID for all product variants on your website.  This is done by concatenating the SKU and Serial Number from AIM and adding three pipes (|||) between them.  


If SKU #0113942719 in AIM had three serialized products, US210033734, US210100599, and US21032314, these values would be concatenated, producing the following:

  • 0113942719|||US210033734
  • 0113942719|||US210100599
  • 0113942719|||US21032314

You can find these concatenated values in the Admin Panel under the Integration ID column. 


These values are sent to Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento in the SKU field for the product variants.


The concatenation of the AIM SKU and Serial Number allows us to uniquely identify the products when we receive the order from the website.  These numbers are then disassembled, allowing us to send the SKU and Serial Number of the product purchased to AIM.

Please let us know if you have any questions by creating a Support Request in the Admin Panel.