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Can't Find Product with WooCommerce Search


I can not find a product when I search for it in WooCommerce.


If you check the admin panel and there is a WEB ID in the first column and the product is not marked as deleted, it means it still exists in WooCommerce and you should be able to find it with the WooCommerce Search. But sometimes the WooCommerce product search does not return results correctly.

However, our integrator provides a more accurate search by SKU which will find these for you.

1. Click on the scripts link under the Modern Retail integrator


2. Select the "search by SKU" tab
3. Enter the SKU and click the "check" button


4. in the results list, click on edit to go to the edit page of the product in WooCommerce.


Note if you click "delete permanently" the product will be removed without being put in the trash first. This cannot be undone.

Please let us know if you need anything else by submitting a Support Request in the Admin Panel.  Thank you.