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2.7.22 to 2.7.27 - Improvements & Fixes

October 4, 2021

As you likely noticed, this rollout includes a number of changes and improvements across several different versions:  2.7.22, 2.7.23, 2.7.24, 2.7.25, 2.7.26, 2.7.27, 2.7.28, and 2.7.29.  Different customers have received a pre-release of many of these features, and have been in products for weeks or months.  This 2.7.29 release brings all our clients up-to-date again with the same version.

Given the breadth of changes with this release, we're rolling it out in stages to approximately 80 clients per week for the next 4 weeks.  

As always, please submit a Support Request in the Admin Panel if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Improvements & Fixes

  • getNewTransactions()
      • If inventory line location equals manual, the location id is ignored.
  • modCustomers()
      • Added new customer attribute records. New attributes include all profile fields and categ_cod_descr.
  • modLoyalty()
      • Customer Ecommerce checkbox removed as a condition for loyalty customer.
  • modGFC() & modSTC()
      • New setup variable gfc_date_filter. Gift Cards or Store Credits will be select based on a date greater than value of gfc_date_filter.
  • modCMD()
      • Command add to un-install integrator
  • getNewTransactions(), getNewOrder() & getQuotes()
      • Added CustPhoneEnable flag. If true, the Integrator will try to match the customer phone number when looking customer. Phone number lookup will only take place if customer can not be phone with email address 1.
  • MRCPIService(), MRCPIOrderService() & MRCPIAPUDR()
      • Services now make fewer registration calls to API. Services will check for license status every 3 hours.  Few logging calls
  • modProductAttribute()
      • Now includes item attribute codes and uses array of attributes for a single API Call.
  • modMain()
      • Will attempt to repair MRCPISetup.xml file if file can not be loaded.
  • modInvByLoc()
      • Uses array of inventory locations for a single API Call.
  • modProductUpdate() & modProductUpdateGrid()
      • Add variable batch_update_size. Used to control the size of update batched.
  • isOrderImportTime()
      • Date bug fixed.