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Updating Tri-Tech AIM API


Starting with AIM version 12, Modern Retail's integration with Tri-Tech utilizes AIM's Application Programming Interface (API).  This API-based integration replaces the FTP-based integration Tri-Tech clients have been using for years.  Like all software, the API needs to be updated from time to time.  This article explains what needs to be done to update both AIM and the API.

  • Note:  Updates to the API computer need to happen each time the AIM point of sale program is updated.  The version numbers on AIM and the API server need to match versions to prevent database mismatches.

Updating AIM API

The following instructions should act as a guide to help you update AIM and AIM's API.  Modern Retail does not directly support AIM, so please submit a Support Request with Tri-Tech if you have any questions.

  1. Go to the Tri-Tech Member Portal.
  2. Click on Program Updates & Documents.

  3. Login using your Email Address and Password.

  4. Choose Program Updates and click Submit.
  5. You should get the following two files:
      • AIM v12.exe is installed on the AIM Server.
      • Webservice.exe needs to be installed on the C2B/API Computer.

If you have any trouble updating AIM or the API Computer, please submit a request from Tri-Tech's Member Portal.

Of course, you can always submit a Support Request in the Admin Panel if you have questions for Modern Retail.