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Location Based Inventory


Location Based Inventory, ie your POS system & website knowing what your inventory is in individual locations, as opposed to just knowing an overall total, is something that's possible with our Shopify & Counterpoint integration. In this article, we'll discuss a couple of the details regarding how location based inventory works with our Counterpoint integration while using a Shopify website.

Location Based Inventory and Locations

While using Shopify for Location Based Inventory, you're limited to a set number of locations based on which Shopify plan you're using. Let's look at the numbers:

  • Shopify Lite - 3 Locations
  • Basic Shopify - 4 Locations
  • Shopify - 5 Locations
  • Advanced Shopify - 8 Locations
  • Shopify Plus - 20 Locations

You can read more about the different Shopify Plans at Shopify's website.

Location Based Inventory and Counterpoint

Modern Retail can, of course, send Location Based inventory data from Counterpoint to Shopify. As noted above, however, you are limited to a certain number of locations based on which Shopify plan you're using, regardless of how many locations you have configured in Counterpoint.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request using the Modern Retail Admin Panel.