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Attaching Salespeople to an Order


While the majority of our B2C clients prefer to simply utilize one "dummy" salesperson to differentiate between physical and online orders, some clients (especially B2B) may want to attach specific salespeople to an order, so they can reward commissions for online orders. In this article, we'll discuss how to attach specific salespeople to an order to facilitate this.

Salespeople & Customers

The best way to accomplish this is to assign a given salesperson to a customer in Epicor Eagle. Doing so will make it so any order that customer makes is automatically assigned to that salesperson. With this method, you can essentially guarantee that your salespeople will always get credit for orders made by their customers, making it much easier to handle commissions or other employee-incentive programs.

If you have additional questions on how to assign salespeople to customers, please consider checking Epicor's support center. If you have additional questions for Modern Retail, please let us know with a support request from the Modern Retail Admin Panel.