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Adding a User


For the integration to function, it needs a sort of "dummy" user to process orders. In this article, we'll talk in a little more depth about this step of the onboarding process.

Creating a Dummy User

In order to complete this step of the onboarding process, you simply need to create a new user for your Tri-Tech AIM installation, similar to what you would have to do for a new employee.

The new user doesn't require any special permissions; set them up as you would a regular person. We recommend naming the new POS user something unique (Modern Retail, for example) to ensure it is easily recognizable as the account being used for online orders.

Be sure to use a secure password. We strongly suggest a password between 15-20 characters.

Please enter the new user's username & password in the form in the Modern Retail Onboarding Center. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your Modern Retail project manager.