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WooCommerce Gift Card Integration


Gift Cards are an excellent way to help boost your online business. Here we'll go over how you can use the Gift Card features in the Admin panel.

The Gift Cards tab is split into five categories:

  • Gift Cards
  • Purchased
  • Auto Generation Mask
  • Gift Card Pins
  • Usage



Gift Cards

The list of Gift Cards is represented by a grid with the ability to filter data by Gift Card Number. You can download this table as an XLS or CSV file. This grid shows all gift cards in your system, both physical and digital.


From left to right, you can see the Gift Card Number, the Balance, the Expiration Date, the Created Date, the date the card was last modified, and the Status.  Interacting with the fields at the top of each column will allow you to sort or search by that information. Clicking on the Gift Card Number will pull up the below page, showing more information about that particular gift card.



The Purchased subsection shows a record of gift card purchases from your site. From left to right, you can see the Gift Card NumberValueOrder #ID, the Email of the customer, the customer name, the order date, and an option to resend the email for a gift card. Just like on the Gift Cards subsection, clicking on the Gift Card Number will bring up more information about that card.giftcards.png


Settings / Auto Generation Mask


This section allows you to configure the autocreation of Gift Cards. Autocreation of Gift Card numbers and their integration is used for customers purchasing gift cards through the e-commerce platform.

You can choose a "mask" for oncoming Gift Cards. Each asterisk (*) in the mask you provide will be replaced with a number or letter, depending on your settings. Each non-asterisk symbol will not be replaced. 

Example: GF****11***444

So in the above example, all gift cards will be generated with the "GF", "11", and "444" in those locations, with the asterisks replaced with random numbers and/or letters.
Remember to hit Save after editing your autogenerate settings to make sure they stick.

Gift Card Pins

One of the security features Modern Retail provides is the ability to use PIN-codes for your oncoming Gift Cards. For PIN it's recommended to use 4 symbols. The Gift Card Pins tab allows you to enable PIN codes for your gift cards, helping prevent fraud.
This section allows you to see how Gift Cards were used - who used them, when, and how many times Gift Cards were used in orders. It also shows the general statistics on the number of all Gift Cards used and pending.

Using Gift Cards

Right now, this integration can only support one gift card per purchase. In the future, Modern Retail hopes to make using multiple gift cards a possibility.

If you have any questions about how Gift Cards work, or about enabling them for your store, please get in touch with us with a support request!