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Upgrading to BigCommerce Enterprise


BigCommerce's "Enterprise" plan is a popular choice for larger scale businesses who want to use the BigCommerce platform. There's a variety of reasons for upgrading or not upgrading that vary from business to business, and you can learn more about BigCommerce's Enterprise program here. In this article, we'll discuss how upgrading from a regular BigCommerce site to Enterprise can affect your integration.

BigCommerce Enterprise and your Integration

The short answer to this question is easy: upgrading to Enterprise will not affect your integration! You can safely upgrade whenever you want without any fear about your work process being interrupted. If you're upgrading to BigCommerce Enterprise for a specific reason related to your integration, you may wish to let Modern Retail know ahead of time, so we can prepare and coordinate any upgrades in our services. Otherwise, however, upgrades to BigCommerce Enterprise are completely safe for your integration.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request from the Modern Retail Admin Panel.