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2.7.19 - SOAP API & Other Improvements

July 7, 2021

Today we're rolling out a small update with a handful of fixes to errors found after the 2.7.14 update. This update will be automatically applied to your Counterpoint integrator, at no cost to you.

Updates & Improvements

  • Now uses new SOAP API version: /21-05/ordertasks.asmx which contains support for order comments.
    • getNewTransactions()
    • getNewOrders()
  • Loyalty payment bug fixed.
    • Now uses setup.fullsyntimer value in milliseconds to throttle order and product processing.
    • If paycode mapping is enabled and order total amount = 0 then paycode mapping is skipped.
  • getlocalGCCDS()
    • getlocalSTCDS()
    • Gift Cards or Store Credits will now be sent to Middle-Ware tables if the last update exceeds 14 days.
  • getNewTransactions()
    • getNewOrders()
    • getNewQuotes()
    • Added support for order comments.
  • PS_DOC_TAX.TAX_DOC_PART changed from "S" to "O".
  • Added error handling when getting order item count.
  • POSProductFULLProcessNORMAL
  • POSProductFULLProcessGRIDDED
  • New Product discovery now has it's own thread and runs every 1 minute.
  • NewItemCreate()
  • Removed unnecessary logging messages.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request from the Admin Panel.