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Shopify API Deprecation


On occasion, Shopify makes changes to their API that alters, removes, or "deprecates" certain API calls that Modern Retail uses. In this article, we'll talk about how we handle this situation.

Deprecated Calls

When we refer to an "API call", we really mean a specific part of Shopify's API that our integrator tries to interact with. If that part of the API gets eliminated or deprecated without our knowledge, that can cause issues with the integration.

To prevent this, we communicate consistently with Shopify to find out which parts of the API are being deprecated. We generally receive notice a few months ahead of time. Here's a snapshot of what that communication looks like:


In addition to that notice, Modern Retail runs a daily check to see the list of deprecated API calls, as well as the list of API calls that are scheduled to be deprecated in the near future. By staying up to date on any upcoming changes to the API, our development team is able to stay ahead of Shopify's quarterly updates and make sure that there will be no impact on your daily operations. 

With this advanced notice and development work, Modern Retail can make the requisite changes to our integration to avoid any issues that might arise from API changes. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request.