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Fast Moving Products


On certain occasions like sales, brand new products, or after a new influx of customers, you may end up moving a large amount of product very quickly. Traditionally this could result in allocation issues; product moving so fast that the system can't keep track of it. In this article, we'll talk about how we handle it when you have product flying off the shelves.

Fast Moving Product Online

When you have product) moving very quickly (selling out in minutes, for example) off your website, it's possible that issues with allocation can develop. Product sells out so fast that your actual inventory gets depleted before the integrator recognizes that you're sold out in a given location. While this can be manually rectified, we prefer instead to slow down the updates from the integrator. That solution may sound backwards, but what it actually results in is your ecommerce platform picking up the slack when it comes to handling inventory.

While this works for products that you're selling very quickly online, if you're also selling that product in your physical location(s) it may present difficulties. Slowing down the inventory updates means that physical sales may not enter the system quickly enough. With this in mind, if you're predicting a scenario like the above (product selling out on your site very rapidly), get in touch with Modern Retail so we can prepare and configure an appropriate solution.

Fast Moving Product In Store

On the flipside, what do you do if you're expecting a product to sell out rapidly not on your site, but in a physical location? If you're expecting to rapidly sell out of a given product in one of your stores, we actually take the opposite tactic from the earlier scenario; Modern Retail increases the frequency of inventory updates, so the integrator & your website have accurate inventory totals based on the large number of sales being made in your store, or stores.

If you're expecting either of these situations in the near future, please get in touch with Modern Retail via a support request so we can work on preparations together.