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WooCommerce Development Process


Modern Retail often works with a variety of website development agencies as part of providing clients with our Integration. In this article, we'll talk about how the process of setting up the integration while your agency works on your website typically goes.

Development Process

1. Create a Staging/Development website

  • This is typically the first step in development for most agencies.

2. Buy Modern Retail's Integration

3. Modern Retail Implements your Integration

  • This process takes roughly 2-3 weeks, during which  you'll be connected with one of our Project Managers, who'll assist in the onboarding process for the integration.

4. The Agency Designs your Website

  • Work on this may continue while we install your integration.

5. The Agency Teaches your Store to Configure Products in WooCommerce

  • In order for your website to work as intended, your products will have to be configured.

6.Agency Completes Development

  • Congrats! Your website design is completed, and your site is fully developed.

7. Staging/Development Website Becomes Production Website

  • This basically makes the staging website your agency set up earlier into the "real" website you'll be using.

8. You or your Agency Requests for Modern Retail to Point Integration to Production

  • Once your site has been moved to production, we'll have to point our integrator to the correct site. This process only takes a few minutes!

9. Copy Production for a New Staging Site

  • Congratulations! This is the final step in a typical WooCommerce design process.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance.