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Sales Tax in Lightspeed


Modern Retail's Lightspeed integration offers multiple avenues for handling sales tax in Lightspeed. The main factors determining which route we recommend are whether you utilize additional tax software, what your delivery range is, and how many locations you have. 


Additional Tax Software

In order for orders to flow correctly between your ecommerce platform and Lightspeed, the sales tax % being charged must be constant for each order. If an order has a different sales tax % being charged in Lightspeed when compared to your site, the order will end up being stuck in limbo.

If you use software to manage sales tax, the above may be a concern. If this is the case, Modern Retail will work with you to configure the appropriate solution. 


The first method we use is simply hardcoding the sales tax to always use the correct amount. This tactic primarily works for clients who only have one store, and who don't use additional software to manage their sales tax.

Line Item SKU

An alternative to this that works for clients with tax software is to set up the sales tax as a line item on your online orders. All orders are marked as non-taxable, with the additional line item representing the amount that would normally be charged as sales tax.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact your project manager with the messaging system.