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Q&A: Multiple Integrations


I already have one integration (between our RICS POS system and Shopify), but we're looking at testing & eventually going live with a new WooCommerce site. Can we point our current integration to the new site without interrupting our current website?  


The integrator can only "point" to one website at a time, meaning your RICS>Shopify integration cannot also support your WooCommerce site. With this in mind, customers looking to change their ecommerce platform while keeping their integration have two options:

1. Buy a second integration for your new website.
2. Use the existing integration with RICS, and cut over to the new website when it becomes time. This approach is half the cost of a new integration.

Option number 1 would proceed like any other integration project, and would not adversely affect your "old" integrator.

For option number 2, we recommend the following process:

  1. Buy Integration for your new website - Again, this integration will be just HALF of our normal setup fee.
  2. Import Products into WooCommerce from Shopify - This task is done by your new WooCommerce developer. Please note that they absolutely must not change the values in the SKU field when they migrate your product catalog from Shopify to WooCommerce. We store the Product Integration ID In the SKU field so this value must remain the same when you import your products into WooCommerce.
  3. Configure WooCommerce Integrator - Modern Retail will configure the WooCommerce Integrator on your new website. However, while we'll get it all ready, we cannot turn it on until you're ready to go live. 
  4. Develop WooCommerce Website - Your WooCommerce developers complete your new website.
  5. Final Product Catalog Import - Your WooCommerce developers perform one more product import, to catch any products what were missed from Step 2 above.
  6. New WooCommerce Website Goes Live - Your developers make the new WooCommerce website live.
  7. Integrator Gets Pointed to WooCommerce Website - Modern Retail will perform the necessary steps to point your RICS integration from Shopify to WooCommerce. We'll also do a complete refresh of your product catalog to make sure all pricing and inventory is updated.
  8. Kill Shopify - You can kill your Shopify account.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to get in touch with us using a support request.