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In-Store Purchases and Loyalty Programs


Often our clients want both online and in-store purchases to rack up loyalty points for their customers. This adds an additional, universal incentive for any purchase from your store(s), which is a valuable asset for any business. Modern Retail's Loyalty Integration does support loyalty points for in-store and online purchases, and in this article we'll talk about how we do it.

Connecting Physical & Online Customers

Our loyalty integration relies on something called "customer identity". This is the record of any given customer that exists in the "back-end" of your store, and it's how customers can earn loyalty reward points from both their online purchases and in-store purchases.

When a purchase is made, the Modern Retail integrator will attempt to connect the purchaser with an existing customer identity with the email used to make the purchase. If the customer's email address is already recorded in Counterpoint (which, if they've made a purchase previously, it will be), then loyalty points are awarded to that customer.

You may also optionally choose to use a customer's phone number to "match" online customers with their identity in Counterpoint. 

If you're an existing client and you're interested in this service, or if you already have our loyalty integration enabled but want to start using phone number matching, please feel free to get in touch with us using a support request.