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WooCommerce and Counterpoint In-Store Gift Cards


Can the gift cards from Modern Retail's Gift Card Integration be used for in store purchases? Can we have actual gift cards for customers who purchase them locally?


Yes, we can integrate your Counterpoint gift cards with your WooCommerce website. Meaning, people will be able to redeem their Counterpoint gift cards directly on your website. Additionally, you can sell gift cards online. When people purchase an online gift card, our technology will automatically email the customer an eGift Card and create the gift card in Counterpoint. Of course these eGift Cards can also be printed off and used in-store like any other gift card because they are Counterpoint gift cards.

You can examine the following articles for more information:

You can learn more about the setup fee for our Counterpoint Gift Card Integration here.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to submit a support request.