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Ship Station Order Flow


If you're using Ship Station for our Ship from Store feature (or for any other use that intersects with the Modern Retail Admin Panel), you may be curious to know how exactly orders will "work". In this article, we'll discuss the general flow for orders that go through Ship Station.

Order Flow

When a Ship from Store order gets made by one of your customers, what happens to it?

Well, first it heads over to the Admin Panel, in the Shipping menu, under Orders


From there, depending on how Ship from Store & your rules are configured, these orders will either be automatically assigned, or you'll have to manually assign them to one of your locations.

At that point, the order goes down to Ship Station, and is assigned to the corresponding "warehouse".  At that point, the order is marked as fulfilled, and it's sent back to the Admin Panel, where the order is displayed as completed.

From there, the order information goes down to your POS system (so inventory can be adjusted), and your ecommerce platform (so the customer can be notified and sent tracking information, if relevant.

It's important to note that this entire process occurs in the Modern Retail Admin Panel & Ship Station, not in your ecommerce platform. Please avoid interfering with Ship from Store orders using your ecommerce platform; manage them using the Admin Panel or Ship Station instead.

That's it! if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request.