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Uploading Files to BaseCamp


We use BaseCamp as a coordination center for the majority of our projects. While we often give a tutorial on how to use BaseCamp at the start of projects, it's helpful to go over some of the basics again. One issue that frequently comes up is the best way to upload files; in this article we'll go over how you should be uploading files to BaseCamp in the way that's the most accessible & noticeable.

Uploading Files

The obvious way to upload files to BaseCamp-- using the "New File" button, actually makes it harder for us to access your files. We recommend either uploading your file along with a new message with the appropriate people checked off as recipients, or in the relevant section of the "To-Dos" tab.


Both of these options make it easy for us to know when you've uploaded something new, what those files are, and how to quickly access them in the future.

If you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch with your Modern Retail Project Manager for more information.