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Big Commerce Product Filters


Many clients find it helpful to have a robust set of options for customers to "filter" products while browsing. This means customers can choose to only see products of a certain type, price, or other quality. In this article we'll talk about how these filters work, and what you can do with them.

Accessing Product Filters

You can access the product filter options from the back end of your BigCommerce store, under Products>Product Filtering:


product_menu.png        product_filtering.png

From here, you can either enable product filters, or edit your existing product filters if they're already enabled for your store. 

Using Product Filters

You can edit your existing product filters using the "..." on the right hand side of each individual filter; you can also control whether they're visible by toggling the checkmark under Visible in Storefront?

Under filter settings, you can tweak a variety of things:

  • Display Name
    • The name the filter will show up with on your site
  • Sort Order
    • This controls if your filter results show up in alphabetical order, by option value order, or by item count.
  • Show
    • This determines how many filter options are displayed. If you have more than 15, then a "More..." option will be included for customers browsing your site.
  • Display Product Count
    • This displays the number of products the filter will show in parenthesis
  • Collapsed by Default
    • This determines if the filter is closed by default, requiring the customer to click in to see its options.

Most importantly, you can create filters based on a variety of factors, including the product options you set for your products (Often things like "Color"). If you want filters that are more customizable, you may have to upgrade to BigCommerce's Enterprise plan, which allows for filters based on custom fields.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to get in touch with us with a support request.