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Product Option Order


Product Options, such as size or color, are commonly used and readily supported in the majority of ecommerce platforms and POS/ERP systems. However we are only able to bring over your product options to Shopify in the original order they were set (say, small | medium | large) from certain POS systems. This article will go over why this is, and provide more information on this issue.

Sorting Option Order

When options are brought over from the POS system to your ecommerce platform, the order they are sent in is determined by data sent over by the POS system. Some POS systems, (CounterPoint for example) do not have a value to determine option order, so the integrator cannot control the order the options are eventually set to. On the flipside, POS systems that do have a value to determine option order will result in options being set in the intended order.

If your product options are not automatically set in the correct order by your POS, then you will have to manually change the order from the Shopify product page for that product. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with a support request.