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Personalization & Monogram Custom Previews


If you sell products with personalization options, such as custom embroidery or monograms, then we recommend Intuit Solutions' Personalization and Monogram Custom Preview app. You can learn more about it straight from Intuit Solutions here, but in this article we'll go over what this app does, and why you might want it.

What Does it Do?

The primary purpose for this app is to facilitate customizable product previews. Common examples where these are helpful might be sports jerseys or jewelry; anything you offer where a customer can control the text, number, etc. on the finished product. 

Intuit Solutions' app provides a "live" preview of the product while the customer makes their choices or customizations, so they can see what the end result looks like. This works for customization options like color, text, pattern, background, shape, and more. The preview image for this product will update live with the customer's choices, allowing them to get an accurate picture of what they're buying.

If you're interested in setting this up for your BigCommerce site, you can find more information about this app here, and/or you can get in touch with us with a support request.