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Checking Email Status in SendGrid


An important part of using any email sending service is checking on the status of the emails you're sending. This article will show you how to check the status for all emails sent using SendGrid, and how you can handle any emails that haven't been sent correctly.

Checking Email Status in the Admin Panel

You can see the status of all the emails sent as part of our integration features in the Mail Logs page, located beneath Settings in the Admin Panel.


If you look under the Status column, you can see if an email has been marked as a "Success". Emails marked with "Success" have successfully been sent from the Admin Panel down to SendGrid-- this does not necessarily mean that the email has reached the customer. To see if an email has been sent to your customers, you'll have to check its status in SendGrid instead.

Checking Status in SendGrid

In order to check email status in SendGrid, first go to the Activity menu in SendGrid.


The Activity page will show all emails sent by SendGrid by default; if you're looking for a specific email, use the search features located at the top of the page. You can search by email address, as well as by a range of dates. Set the filters to look for the email you're trying to find, and then hit Search

From there, you can see the emails sent to that address, or during those dates, as well as the status of those emails. Emails marked as "Not Delivered", or emails that still fail to show up during this search, may instead be listed underneath Suppressions, (located two items below the "Activity" option in the left hand menu). 


The Suppressions page is where SendGrid places emails that have been marked as Bounced, Spam, Blocked, or otherwise invalid. If you're looking for an email that hasn't been received, we recommend checking all four categories. Just like with the activity page, you can search by email address and date.


If an email is set in one of these categories, we recommend deleting it. If you hover over the email you'll see a checkbox option. Check this off as well as the checkboxes for any other emails you wish to delete, and then click Delete # Selected Block in the top right.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please feel free to get in touch with us with a support request.