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Inventory Thresholds


Occasionally we receive requests for an "inventory threshold" feature. While this feature is not inherently available in the Modern Retail Admin Panel, our Counterpoint team can work with you to set up a way to "short" your inventory by a customizable amount. This article will discuss how this works, and what we mean by an "inventory threshold".

What is an Inventory Threshold?

When we say "Inventory Threshold", we mean products being automatically removed from your site before you've run out of inventory. If, for example, you have 20 mugs in your inventory, but want to keep 5 in your physical store, then you would want to stop selling mugs when your inventory hits "5" rather than "0". 

How Does Modern Retail Handle This?

While we can't set this feature up in the Admin Panel, our Counterpoint team may be able to work with you to enable a similar solution in Counterpoint. In the past, with some database work, we've been able to set a Counterpoint field (we've used Numeric Profile Field 1 before, but others may work" to subtract an amount of your choosing from the "Quantity Available" data sent to your web store.

In plain English, this means that you can use enter a number into a Counterpoint field to subtract it from your total inventory for the purpose of your online store. In the previous example with mugs, you would have a quantity available of 20 (your total mug inventory), and enter 5 in the new Counterpoint field to make sure that the mug product counts as sold out on your online store when your inventory reaches 5.

If you'd like to have this set up for your store, please contact us with a support request.