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Drop Shipping



We are working on implementing our dropshipping program, and have come across an issue that maybe Modern Retail can help us with. We would like to have all orders from one specific location within our Shopify store be sent to our dropshipping partner, rather than to our RICS POS system. Is it possible for you to know the location where the inventory was taken from and then send it out to the correct people? Please let us know if this is possible or whether you need any further information from us.



Yes, we're able to divert orders from a specific Shopify location to a 3rd party shipper. In order to do this however, we'll need to get with the 3rd party company you're using to understand how they can receive these invoices from Modern Retail. I suspect we can either send orders to them using their Application Programming Interface (API), or via FTP.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please feel free to get in touch with us with a support request.