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eGift Card PINs


PINs are a common and foolproof way of adding an additional layer of security for your egift cards. We highly recommend enabling them for your egift cards, as well as your physical gift cards. This article will talk about how you can enable PINs, and why you might want them.

Why Do I Want PINs?

PINs are an additional layer of security for gift cards. Enabling PINs is a downside-free way to make it much harder for nefarious actors to commit fraud, at no additional cost to your business. And really, that's all it boils down to. There's no real downside to enabling PINs, but the upside is a significant increase in protection for your business.

How Will PINs Work?

Before we get into specifics, we should note that enabling PINs will not negatively affect your existing gift cards. If our system detects a valid gift card being used that does not already have a PIN, a new PIN will be created and emailed to the customer; they'll be prompted to enter that PIN for that purchase, and any future purchases with that gift card.

That's basically how it works; gift cards with PINs result in the customer needing to enter their PIN when they redeem the card. Just a quick step in the checkout process and they're good to go.

How Do I Enable PINs?

If you want to enable PINs for your gift cards, all you have to do is tell your project manager or get in touch with us with a Support Request.