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Auto Generation Mask Settings


Modern Retail allows you to control the IDs associated with your egift cards. This number is what customers can use to redeem their egift cards online, and is permanently associated with that gift card. This article will explain the rules around how this works, and why you would want to customize that ID.

How Do I Do This?

Customizing your egift card IDs is simple! From the Modern Retail Admin Panel, go to the Auto Generation Mask page under Gift Cards, pictured below:


The Autogenerate Settings box is where you can customize the IDs. Replace any of the asterisks with a letter or number, and every egift card you generate will have that letter or number in place of that asterisk.

So, for example, if you replaced the first two asterisks with "Q" and "M", all your egift cards would start with QM, followed by random numbers and letters.

Why Would I Do This?

The main reason to do this is to have an easy distinction between physical gift cards and egift cards. Setting a customization up means you'll be able to tell at a glance if a gift card is from your online store, or from a physical location. You can also do something fun, like setting the first few digits of your egift cards to correspond to your store's initials.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to submit a support request.